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Do you want to learn how to meditate. Through meditation you reconnect yourself with Allah. Meditation is not about making all the thoughts in your head disappear. That is impossible. It is about stilling the self that is attached to the physical reality so that you can have a clear communication with Allah.  You can have a more meaningful conversation with Allah. It brings with it a peace of mind that gives you great comfort. You can also have a conversation with the angels who watch over you. They are ever by your side, watching and waiting for you to turn your attention in there direction. They are waiting to answer your questions and give you guidance.


Meditation added to the teaching of the Quran takes you on a spiritual journey into the depths of your soul. As you set off on the journey, as you reflect in the mind, you will be astounded by the insights and revelations that will become known to you.

Fill yourself with love and the garden of your soul becomes a beautiful place, as you become your feelings.


Love is a feeling that creates an energy from which a light is seen by you during your meditations. As you hold onto your inner expression of love, you sail along a pathway that will eventually arrive at the gate of heaven (Jana).

Through the light you become one with all things. In this place of love and light, all the things you need to know become know to you.