Balancing and Healing
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What I can do for you is ask those I work with to balance, heal and restore your soul. There will be a removal of any dark-spots and unwanted attachments. This session of balancing and healing will help you.  Into the process, protections are added to keep you  safe.

As we travel on our journey learning to expand our awareness we begin to awaken to the realisation that around us and within us an energy life force exists. This energy is the substance that connects us all together. This means that we are truly all connected and joined as one. During meditation this energy can be directed with amazing precision. As the energy I work with intermingles with the person own energy they become energised. This energy, when focused has the ability to transform and influence or change and restore physical matter that has fallen into discord. Also known as spiritual balancing and healing.

Each person is a conduit through which divine energy can flow. Healing is the transmission of energy. It is the balancing of energy where imbalance has occurred. It is the restoration and bringing about harmony to things that have fallen into discord. Energy flows in one end and out the other and is transformed as it travels. Healing energy can be used to restore the balance of men and women, objects and places where there has been a build up of irregular vibrational confusion.

Because you are a conduit through which energy can flow, the thoughts you manifest within create either a light or a dark-spot upon your soul.  When there is a build up of irregular energy, it manifests itself within you as depression, illness or stiffness.  

Meditation and the expression of love balances and raises the soul’s consciousness into the light. As the soul is raised irregularity is transformed or dispersed and the result is a feeling of well being. Spiritual balancing and healing is the interplay of energy, sound and light.

You are the cherisher and it is by your own will that you produce from the energy within yourself, light or darkness, fruits or weeds, as you make your choice. You then sail your ship upon the sea of your choice to your stated destination.

You are your own healer, and creator of your conditions. When you sit in meditation and send out loving thoughts they travel to the stated destination of your choice.  When this is done with love the person receives them with great joy. As balancing and healing energy travels it must first pass through you. Not only do they become healed and transformed but you also receiving a healing.



Let me teach you to free yourself from the limitations that limit your creativity.  Life can be like writers block.  You can become stuck and see no way of getting out of the situations that you are in.  Let me help you to overcome the blockages that limit you.  Let me guide you and restore you faith and trust in God.  Let me teach you of a truth that awaits to greet you just beyond what you have been programmed to believe.

If you are unable to visit me then order a copy of my book Meditation And The Quran and start build a firm foundation of knowledge that will sustain you in all that you do.  If the knowledge you have is not working for you, what is in my book will.  It is groundbreaking in its presentation.  It will take you on an incredible journey into the depth of your soul like no other Islamic book.